Regional Map: Great Northern Corridor Region

Stretching from Chicago to ports on the Pacific Northwest, the Great Northern Corridor (GNC) is an east-west artery of commerce that supports the economic vitality of more than 38 million Americans across eight North Central and Pacific Northwestern states. Thousands of manufacturers, ranchers, farmers, miners, timber and lumber businesses and energy producers rely on the Corridor’s multimodal transportation options. The Great Northern Corridor links the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, as well as three Canadian provinces. As one of the major freight transit corridors in the world, the infrastructure of the GNC carried 221.3 tons of freight in 2013, supported 51 million tons of agriculture exports, and removed 10 million long-haul trucks from the road by integrating the road-rail network.

The unifying thread and primary focus of this Corridor is the rail network stretching from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest, and other logistics infrastructure such as highways, ports, and terminals. Every day, Americans across this system work together to produce and deliver vital products for their neighbors and the world, such as factory workers in Illinois making tractors for farmers in Montana to grow wheat that longshoremen in Washington load onto ships for ultimate delivery to dinner tables in Japan.

The Great Northern Corridor is a strategic link in the supply chain spanning the northern United States, from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest, and reaching key southern points in Canada. The Corridor includes 3,331 rail route miles traversing eight states providing consumers, manufacturers, industries and farmers with critical access to the nation’s vast rail and highway network, vital multimodal connections and the global marketplace.

The Great Northern Corridor is an integral part of BNSF Railway’s rail network connecting the Corridor to the national rail system, the North American markets and the Global marketplace. Highway 90 from Seattle, WA to Billings, MT and Highway 94 from Billings, MT to Minneapolis, MN and to Chicago, IL also provide the primary trucking artery for the Great Northern Corridor.