Understanding Freight Flows and Improving the National Freight Infrastructure

Welcome to the National Freight Economy Atlas! This project is dedicated to the safe, efficient transport of freight across the United States. This project seeks to identify specific improvements in freight movement across the country to foster growth of the freight infrastructure. This project incorporates data from the US Census 2012 Commodity Flows Survey (CFS), Federal Highway Administration Freight Analysis Network (FHA), and the Bureau of Economic Affairs (BEA). Our platform provides understanding and analysis of the freight infrastructure at the national, regional, state, and metropolitan-statistical areas (MSA/CSA). We utilize unique methodological approaches to analyze the freight infrastructure. In particular, we incorporate the use of the Location Quotient (LQ) to better understand commodity movements between regions. LQ is a formula developed to compare regional attributes to the national average (for more info on LQ click here). Using this formula we develop the LQ for Freight Flows. This research will help policymakers, industry leaders, and other freight analysts improve their understanding of the freight infrastructure and its effect on the national economy and will provide a foundation for ongoing efforts to improve the national freight infrastructure.