National Maps

Commodity flows depending greatly on the regional distribution of resources and freight infrastructure. We provide many national maps displaying freight totals augmented with the LQ formulation (LQ of freight flows). These applications visualize the 2012 US Commodity Flows Survey freight totals in value and tonnage sent by region, by mode, and by NAICS 2-digit code (concurrent with STCG coding manual). These interactive applications allow the users to maneuver between different regions (by picking an area of interest), pick various attributes to display (by using the layers button layersbuttonlocated at the top-right of the application), and adjust to different levels of data corresponding to the view extent (by zoom-in or zoom-out in the application). Regions, divisions, states, and MSAs displayed within these maps are strictly based on the Federal Highway Administration Transportation Research Board’s breakdowns and the MSA areas identified in the 2012 Commodity Flows Survey Public Use Micro- (PUM) data.